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Former employee sues semiconductor factory giant for workplace injury

March 5th, 2012 by Gabriel Z. Levin
The suit accuses GlobalFoundries of failing to provide Lawler with safety instruments, like cones and barricades, he needed while working on the building.

A Pennsylvania resident has taken his personal injury claim to court and is suing the world's third largest semiconductor foundry.

Michael Lawler is claiming he is entitled to $41 million as a result of falling through a gap in the floor that was created when he and his colleague removed some floor tiles. The plaintiff was working on building a computer chip plant for GlobalFoundries Inc. He is also suing the general contractor for the building, M+W U.S. Inc.

GlobalFoundries is a privately held company that employees about 1,100 people. The company is headquartered in California, but built a new factory in New York. The company received an unprecedented amount of tax breaks and monetary compensation to build the new factory, which was the site of the alleged accident, according to The Business Review.

The suit accuses GlobalFoundries of negligence by failing to create safe working conditions and failing to provide Lawler with the safety instruments, like cones and barricades, he needed while working on the building. The company does not comment on legal matters, said Travis Bullard, spokesman for GlobalFoundries.

In the suit Lawler is bringing to the U.S. District Court in Albany, the plaintiff says he suffered "severe and permanent injuries." However, the claim does not specify what those injuries are. Lawler's personal injury attorneys are also seeking $1 million in compensation for their client's wife, who says that as a result of the accident has been ''deprived of the services, society and companionship of her husband.''

Workers who claim they have suffered injuries at the hands of their employer may benefit from a consultation with an accident and injury lawyer, who can prepare a case involving slip and fall accidents or other workplace injuries.

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