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Daughter of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice involved in automobile accident, fraud

May 8th, 2012 by Gabriel Z. Levin
Although Ms. Melvin was not hurt in crash, both of her airbags deflated in her 2011 Jeep Laredo.

State police are continuing to investigate a one-car automobile accident that involved the daughter of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, Joan Orie Melvin, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Her daughter, Casey, crashed her car earlier this March in Shaler, Pennsylvania, which is located in Allegheny County.

The incident continues the troubles of Judge Melvin, who has recently been under investigation for potential misuse of her staff to further her campaign.

According to reports, Casey Melvin told the officer who filed the accident report that as she left Shaler Plaza, she became distracted and drove into a utility pole while trying to enter a Sunoco gas station. Although Ms. Melvin was not hurt in crash, both of her airbags deflated in her 2011 Jeep Laredo.

Following the accident, Judge Melvin's daughter tried to file an insurance claim with her provider. However, the claim was not approved, as her policy had previously been cancelled. As a result, Ms. Melvin is now under investigation for insurance fraud.

Pennsylvania law mandates that if a person submits a claim following a car accident and their policy has been cancelled, the incident must be referred to law enforcement.

A spokesman for the district attorney's office said that he did receive a referral by the insurance company, which is under review. However, the Gazette was unable to receive further comment due to the current investigation.

If you have have been accused of fraud or involved in an automobile accident that caused serious injuries to you or another driver, you may benefit from a consultation with a car accident and injury lawyer. He or she can assess your claim, help try your case in a court of law as well as collect damages that you are owed.

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