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Pennsylvania woman files medical malpractice lawsuit after defeating cancer

November 16th, 2012 by Gabriel Z. Levin
Approximately 500 pap smear slides are being looked at again after one Pennsylvania woman claims the doctor misinterpreted her results.

After a Pennsylvania woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in October claiming that a hospital misread her gynecological results for several years before she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, at least 500 pap smear test slides are being re-examined.

A 30-year-old female Canonsburg resident has been named the plaintiff in the suit and the hospital, its pathology lab and eight doctors have been named the defendants.

The plaintiff was told she had cervical cancer in May 2011, approximately two months after giving birth to her daughter. She was given medicine, underwent undisclosed medical treatment and was found to have defeated the disease by November of that year.

However, the Canonsburg mother claims that the doctor who looked over her slides should have realized that they showed abnormal cells, which would have required her to undergo more medical tests. Instead, the doctor concluded that her results were normal or that no cancerous cells were present.

The 30-year-old mother was worried that her pap smear results were not the only ones that were misinterpreted. As a result, she called upon her lawyer to send out letters to different government agencies describing what happened to her client.

"It can't be random that her tests were misread for five straight years," said the plaintiff's personal injury lawyer, according to The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette. "There's a potential public health risk here."

The compensation that the 30-year-old is seeking has not been made public.

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