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Pennsylvania man files civil rights claim in U.S. Middle District Court after fleeing the law

November 30th, 2012 by Gabriel Z. Levin
The first time that the plaintiff was in jail, it was for writing bad checks.

A Pennsylvania man has filed a civil rights claim lawsuit after he said that he should have been allowed to run from the law because going back to jail could have killed him. The complaint was filed in U.S. Middle District Court on Tuesday, November 20.

The plaintiff was captured by law enforcement officials in New York on October 25 after he missed a parole meeting. According to The Associated Press, before he was taken into custody, he made fun of police and humiliated them for not finding him yet.

In his complaint, the 43-year-old former building contractor said he had a right to flee. Not only  was he allegedly told that he was going to be locked up again for unspecified reasons, but that he would be beaten up again while behind bars.

During a prison fight that involved an unknown individual, the 43-year-old reportedly became legally blind in one eye and lost all vision in the other. The Times Tribune, a Pennsylvania news source, also reported that he endured back and knee injuries from the brawl that will require surgery.

Despite the plaintiff's allegations, people like the police chief say his suit has no basis in fact or reality.

"He's done this in Lacka-wanna County as well, and those suits were thrown out," said the officer in a statement. "You can't sue someone for doing their job."

No word has been released as to when the case will go to trial.

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