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Civil rights claims against Pennsylvania Burger King surface after lawsuit filed

January 8th, 2013 by Gabriel Z. Levin
The lawsuit settled for an undisclosed amount and it is unclear whether the employee who allegedly spit in the plaintiff's food still works at the popular fast food eatery.

The civil rights claims that an Ohio truck driver levied against a Pennsylvania Burger King may make you want to rethink the next time you stop for a meal at the fast food chain. According to sources, the Cleveland plaintiff stopped at the popular eatery in Fairview, which is owned by Fast Food Enterprises #3, in November 2008.

The truck driver, who reportedly ordered a Whopper Jr., allegedly witnessed a Burger King employee turn around and unwrap the sandwich while the manager protected the worker from the plaintiff's view. The Cleveland resident purportedly heard the manager say "Nice" before giving the customer his food.

The man bit into the burger only to notice that something about the way it tasted seemed suspicious. Law enforcement officials arrived on the scene and the sandwich was tested, and it was discovered to have had saliva in it. However, whether or not it was the employee's saliva or the plaintiff's is unclear, as a DNA test was not performed.

Upon filing his complaint, the truck driver said that Burger King's actions were "racially motivated," according to The Associated Press.

Fast Food Enterprises #3 said that there was no basis to the plaintiff's claim. However, the  judge presiding over the case disagreed.

In his written statement, the judge said, "There is evidence from which a reasonable jury could conclude that Caucasian customers at the Burger King restaurant received satisfactory food service while the plaintiff, the only minority person in the restaurant, did not."

Although the case was settled for an undisclosed amount, it was scheduled to go to trial on January 14.

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