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Personal injury lawsuit filed against Lowe’s Home Improvement store

March 13th, 2013 by Gabriel Z. Levin
Lowe's has not released any public statement regarding the personal injury lawsuit.

A Pennsylvania couple has filed a personal injury lawsuit after a shopping trip injured the wife. The Pennsylvania Record, a state legal journal, announced that the Lowe's Home Improvement store has been named the defendant. 

In May 2011, the female plaintiff was shopping when she was struck by an electric shopping cart that was filled with mulch. When the operator, who was a store employee, approached her to see if she was okay, the woman said she could tell that he was intoxicated because of the worker's alleged impaired speech, glassy eyes and breath.

Three employees neared the woman and the driver, but then left her alone for almost 20 minutes while the cart's operator was escorted to another part of the store. The manager eventually approached the plaintiff and provided her with some ice to treat her injured leg. The wife was also told that she should head to a hospital for treatment.

''By reason of the injuries sustained. [the plaintiff] was caused to suffer great pain and agony and was hindered in the past, and will be hindered in the future, from attending to her daily duties, functions and occupations causing her great physical damage and financial losses," the complaint declares.

According to the online source, the plaintiff suffers from a condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which was exacerbated by the incident.

She and her husband are seeking $50,000 in damages.

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